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SWBAT determine the type of conic represented by an equation.

Big Idea

Through a written assessment students justify which conic is represented by an equation.


15 minutes

With the project from the previous 2 class periods, I was able to assess the students ability to write equations for conics. 

I students to have the ability to look at an standard form or general form equation and determine the conic that is represented. When a student knows type of conic represented by an equation the student can have an idea of what the graph would look like. The students will also know what key features are needed to describe the conic and many times find those key features quickly.  Another reason for analyzing the type of conic before starting a problem is to allow students the ability to check precision. If a student knows a general equation represents a hyperbola and the student ends up with a standard form for an ellipse they know a computational error has been made.

The Conics Test has equations in both standard and general form. Students will determine the type of conic and explain how they made their decision.  I do not expect lengthy explanations. If the equation is the standard equation of an ellipse they can say that.  When justifying for a general form they need to be more specific but can say there is an x squared and not a y squared so it is a parabola.