Wax Paper Activity (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT find equations for conic sections.

Big Idea

How can I put a conic on a coordinate plane so that an equation can be found?

Bell Work

3 minutes

Students get out the work completed yesterday so they can continue making their posters. I give back the exit slips from yesterday so the groups can see what still needs to be done and what they wanted to start working on.

I also have a spot for students to put any questions about the scoring guide or the directions.  I answer the questions. The one issue that I address is that I remind students that the equations on the poster must be the algebra representation of the graphed conic. 

One question that also comes up is whether the poster can have more than what I require. My response is that it can have more just make sure you have read the scoring guide and know what is being graded. Since I am grading presentation and organization if a group puts too much information on the poster the group lose points in those sections.

I ask the class if they can answer questions on the board. If a question is unclear to everyone, I explain the answer.

Students are now ready to continue making their posters.

Find equations of Conic Sections

75 minutes

By working during class allows me to verify in an informal way what the students are understanding. Students need to work with others. This is a skill necessary for success in college and on the job.

As the students are working I am answering questions and beginning to evaluate the accuracy of their equations.  When students put information on the poster I am able to quickly look and see if the standard equation is correct.  I keep a paper that lets me know which posters I have reviewed and what errors I have found. I also document the actions of the group. If a student is not helping I will note this for use when the overall grade is given.

I try to make the grading as efficient as possible. Doing some grading as students work reduces my grading time later.

As students finish their posters we hang them up in the classroom as well as the hallway. Students like to share their work with others in the building.  It is always interesting to see  students look at the posters as they walk in the hall and wonder what class is doing this work. It is great PR for my class.


5 minutes

Students clean up their materials with 5 minutes left.  I remind students about the due date for the completion of the poster. Most students have finished the posters. For groups that need more time they will have to do the work on their own time but I want a good end product so I give them the time to finish.

I also remind students about the other portion of the assessment that will be given during the next class period.