Quiz + Discount and Tax

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Quiz + SWBAT determine discount or tax amounts only.

Big Idea

Students take a quiz and then complete problems where they must calculate discount or tax alone


30 minutes

Students enter silently. Quizzes are on their desks and they are to begin as soon as possible. They are allowed to spread out and sit at empty tables and are given the option to use cardboard dividers and noise canceling head phones. Instructions on the SmartBoard notify students that they will only have 30 minutes to complete this quiz (a timer will be displayed). Bonus sheets are available and can be collected at the front of the room after the student turns in their completed quiz. At the end of the quiz, all students will be asked to turn in their quizzes, and the Class Work will be distributed.

This quiz will assess knowledge of vocabulary (gratuity, commission), converting between fractions/decimals/percents, cross multiplication, percent change, and percent of a number. After analyzing the data I determine that I need to review certain topics in class:

  • Fraction/decimal/percent conversion with repeated decimals (i.e. 33 1/3%).
  • Percent change (will be included in Do Now assignments and HW)

*See lesson 114

More than 50% of my students missed questions like these. I use these topics to inform my instruction through the second half of this unit.

In smaller groups, I need to assess:

  • Algebraic statements (equations from proportions)
  • Percent of
  • Fraction/decimal/percent conversions (less than 0.1)

*see “Quiz Remediation” resource.

Discounts and Tax

20 minutes

As students complete the quiz they will be given a class worksheet where they must calculate discount and tax amounts alone. They will also be supplied with calculators and an example of the level of work expectations will be projected on the board (see Day 110 - neat CW sample.pdf).

At the end of the 30 minute period for the Quiz, all remaining students will receive the class work and everyone must track the board as I go through the expectations for showing work when working with a calculator. Many students often show zero work when they have calculators, a weakness when completing open response questions where some indication of your procedure could earn you partial credit.

*Note: the answers given in the .pdf resource document are totals, including the original price/cost. The correct answers for the discount and tax alone are included in a separate word document (see Day 110 - CW Answers - Discount and Tax - 2014 - 02.28.docx).

Students will take this sheet home to complete for homework. Students will be notified that answers will be posted on the website. They should come prepared with questions on Monday if they are still struggling or prepared to ask for extra practice.

I will review the first four questions with students and then they must work with partners for the remaining time in this section.


10 minutes

Students get a half sheet of paper and are instructed to put their name on it. I decide to end class with a fun game. Students will need a pen and a pencil. Here are the step by step directions:

  1. Choose a partner.
  2. With your pen write two numbers between -3 and 3. Make one of those numbers a decimal.
    (walk around to ensure numbers are between the range given)
  3. With your pencil copy the statement and write your two numbers into the two blanks included. Order does not matter.

    ________% is ___________ of what number?
  4. Exchange problems with your partner. Complete the problem. Turn it in at the end of class.

Correctly answered problems will earn achievement points given in the next class.