Putting It All Together: Presentation Day

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SWBAT clearly and concisely present the findings of their analysis of a fictional text.

Big Idea

Being able to speak in public with confidence is an essential life skill.

Presentation Day

50 minutes

Today is Day 3 of our elements of fiction summative project.  The other two days have consisted of planning the poster and working on the poster.  Today, students will be randomly selected to present their poster.  

During the previous lesson, students decided that they wanted the random name chooser to decide who went first so that's what they get!!  In order to keep everyone accountable, I also run a random name chooser on my phone and choose two students per presentation to give a "Glow and a Grow"- things the presenter did well and things the presenter could improve for next time.  

We work through the random name chooser until every student has had a chance to present. Some students weren't done, but I required them to present what they had and graded them appropriately according to the rubric, but I also made note whether or not they were accurate or not in what they did have complete.