Putting It All Together: Working On the Posters

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SWBAT read a fictional text, analyze the elements of fiction in it and prepare a poster presentation for their peers.

Big Idea

Being able to analyze fiction and its elements leads to greater comprehension of fictional texts of all types.

Getting Down To It

45 minutes

When the students enter class today, they find their books, their checklists and their rubrics on their desks.  They are ready for Day 2 of our summative assessment project.  In the previous lesson, students chose a Patricia Polacco book to read and analyze.  Today they should come all prepared with notes taken ready to work on the poster.  

Having all the students' materials out and waiting for them minimizes the time off task and having the daily checklist displayed allows them to get started right away with direction and focus.  This is especially important in a time when there is never enough time!!

The students do a great job of getting started right away.  I assume the job of supply manager for students needing new glue sticks, scissors, popsicle sticks, string, yarn, and many other miscellaneous materials I have in my closet.  

Clean Up, Thumbs Up, Gear Up (For Tomorrow)

15 minutes

Nearing the end of class, it is time to clean up the posters and store them safely for tomorrow's presentation day.  Any posters not finished will need to go home to be finished or completed at recess.

As I scan the room, it seems as though most students are done, I want to take a quick survey to see exactly who still needs more time.  After the supplies are put away, I ask for a thumbs up if the student is done and thumbs down if a student needs more time.  There are a few who opt to finish at recess because they don't want to risk anything happening to their poster!!  

We leave today deciding on a presentation order for tomorrow.  My students like to use the random name chooser so that's how we're going to move through all the poster projects tomorrow.