Sorting our Features

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SWBAT choose and read a magazine article in pairs, sort the article depending on type, and find the central idea.

Big Idea

Which type of feature article have you found? Students find a feature and write about it in pairs.

Answering Interview Questions

5 minutes

At the start of today, with interviews due at the end of the week, I pause for questions. Many kids have begun contacting their subjects whom they wish to interview and now have a better understanding of the process.

See this lesson for questions about the interview portion of this unit.

Magazine Reading/Conferring

25 minutes

To mix reading up a bit, I ask all kids to bring in a magazine from home or from our school library. Today, they spend time reading their magazine. This is something different that breaks up the monotony of traditional silent reading. Kids think its cool that they get to read their magazines in school.

I always grab a few extra magazines from my house and library, just in case someone forgets to bring one.

During conferring time, I'll go around and ask what types of articles students gravitate towards and why. I make a note and see if I can recommend a certain article or, more likely, a whole magazine.

Introduce Types of Feature Articles & Discuss

20 minutes

Instead of taking whole class notes, I pass out this handout. I say, here's the deal, since I'm not having you all take notes by hand, I need extra focus, so you prove to me we can take notes like this again.

I split them into to groups by table. I point to each table and break them up by type of feature. They're job is to read about their type of feature from the Types of Feature Articles Note Sheet. Then they should come up with one example article that they can think of for their selected feature section.

When this is done, I go around and have each table do a very brief explanation of their type of feature, just to break up the work, and get everyone familiar with the different types.

Partner Work: Reading, Sorting, & Analyzing the Feature

25 minutes

Finally, I have the kids select one article from their earlier session of magazine reading that they haven't read yet. Then they will find a partner of their choosing, read aloud the article together, alternating paragraphs, and then work together to categorize their article, using the Feature Article Note Sheet.

Here is a partnership deciding on their features...Student video-What type of feature is this?

Here are two students in the process of reading and deciding.

Girls categorizing their article.

I like this activity because it allows for kids to familiarize themselves with the different types of features.