Sound Devices - Poetry Lesson 3

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SWBAT identify sound devices used in poetry.

Big Idea

"Hearing" the music of the poem

Warm Up

5 minutes

We will open class today with a discussion -Think about your favorite song.  Now think about the rhythm.  Is it upbeat and peppy or slow and somber? 

Does the rhythm of the songs we listen to have anything to do with the meaning of the song?

Students will say yes and this will lead to the point that rhythm also impacts the meaning of the poems we read.


30 minutes

The lesson for today continues the poetry Powerpoint. Today we will move through slides 15-34.  The slides are somewhat self explanatory.  *Note that the powerpoint must be downloaded in order to view correctly.

I have uploaded this powerpoint to Edmodo for student access both in and out of class. Those who do not have access at home can also print a copy from their classroom computer.  This type of access allows students who are home sick or have been out to access the material easily.

Independent Work

15 minutes

To allow students to interact with a poem applying what we've just discussed, they will annotate their own copy of the poem "JABBERWOCKY".  Note - this is a great poem to bring out the power of word choice.  Lewis Carroll made up many of these words yet they still have impact and meaning due to those around them and the overall feeling created by the poem.  For example, we do not know what a Jabberwock is but can infer that it is dragon-like and scary.  We do not know what "gallumphing" is but we know it's a happy movement. This is valuable conversation that connects the dots together between today's work and yesterdays or the day before.

They'll take a copy from the caddy.  We'll discuss the directions (found on the page with the poem), and I'll read the poem aloud (as a first read) before they get started.  Student will reread independently as many times as needed and may use their powerpoint to refer back to.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I'll ask students to share one thing thy have marked on their copy of "Jabberwocky". They'll complete the task for homework, but I want to give them a chance to get an idea as to whether or not they are headed in the right direction. I do realize how valuable they are as teachers of one another.