Crafting Word Problems- Performance Assessment

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SWABT design word problems for each operation by using key words and important information.

Big Idea

If students can write a word problem, they can break a word problem apart to make it easier to solve.


5 minutes

Today we are going to have a chance to design “super star” problems. I want you to think about what might make a “super star” problem.

We talk about multi-step problems, distracting or extra information, and how problems involving 2 or more operations might give us trouble and how we can overcome that. 


40 minutes

Students return to their seats and design a “super star” problem for each operation. Each problem must have 2 of these 3 requirements:

-2 step problem

-2 or more operations

-extra information

After students finish each problem they show the steps for solving it, with an explanation for who they chose this problem and why they think it is a “super star” problem.