Crafting Story Problems (Day 2)

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SWABT solve word problems for each operation by identifying key words and important information.

Big Idea

If students can write a word problem, they can break a word problem apart to make it easier to solve.


5 minutes

I looked over each and every word problem from yesterday and I saw such smart thinking! There were a few where I even had to read it a couple of times so that I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. Who can tell me what great problem solvers do when they see a problem?

We pause and discuss reading, re-reading, pulling out important information, re-stating the question and creating steps for ourselves. I cover all of these skills because not each skill works for each student but I want to ensure they have plenty to choose from to be successful. 

Quick Check

5 minutes

I have one of your problems here on the board, please take a minute to solve it on your white board and then hold it up to me.

I do this quick check for understanding to see who is able to find a path for problem solving quickly. For students who struggle I will pull them in a small group today and work with them on identifying gaps in problem solving or using the 4 operations.  


30 minutes

I have all of the students word problems from the previous day cut up into individual problems in plastic bags. Each table will have a separate plastic bag for students to work from.  I will rotate students from table to table every 20 minutes so they see a variety of questions. We will work on this all week so that students rotate to all 6 tables.

Exit Ticket

5 minutes

I post one problem on the white board for students to solve on a note card at the end of the math block today. Students will need to show all of the steps they used to solve it and I will use this information to see which students still need intervention in a small group.