Comparing Two Texts- Second Day

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SWBAT compose a compare and contrast paragraph which examines two texts by the same author.

Big Idea

Analyzing works across an author's collection increases comprehension and understanding of the author's other works.

Review the Task

10 minutes

Today is Day Two of writing our paragraph comparing and contrasting Mr. Lincoln's Way and Thank You, Mr. Falker.  In the previous lesson, we created the rubric and charted our own ideas of how the two texts are similar and different.

When students arrive today, they find their rubrics and t charts on their desks.  I did not put up the Smartboard chart because I had already printed it out for the students who needed it.  The rest of the students were instructed to add the class details.  There is a consequence for those who chose not to and they will find that out once they begin writing.  

We do a quick rubric review so students know what is expected of them and then they're off to begin writing their paragraphs.

Time To Work

40 minutes

After we review the rubric, it is time for the students to use their notes and compose their paragraph.  I pull a small group of students who were struggling to begin the task.  In that group, I review the idea of compare/ contrast (which they got) and the idea of a topic sentence (which most of them did not remember).  As the students in the group "get" the idea of the assignment and begin, I let them join the class at large.  The students can remain with me for support as long as they feel they need the support.


Sharing Your Thoughts

15 minutes

As we near the end of today's class, some students have finished, but many have not.  I let those who are finished stand at the front of the classroom and read their paragraphs.  While, we always share, I don't normally have students read whole paragraphs when they share, but I've come to see my own fear of speaking and sharing in front of others and I don't want to pass that on to my kiddos, so I have them read the entire paragraph for their peers.

Those who have not finished yet have the option to take their papers home to finish or to come in at recess and put the finishing touches on.