Practice Test

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SWBAT complete a practice test and receive feedback to use for study material.

Big Idea

students will complete a practice test and copy down feedback to study to prepare for their Unit Test

Do Now

10 minutes

Students enter silently according to theDaily Entrance Routine. There are Do Now assignments and rulers at their desk. A couple of days ago I used an awkward picture of myself in the 5th grade as a motivator to get students working diligently. I decided to continue running with this idea and included an 8th grade picture, equal in awkwardness, in the do now. The first question connects the previous lesson, on map scales, and spirals that process. The second question is printed in black and white on students’ papers. As I walk around the room motivating students to show work and complete the do now within 6 minutes, I use the line, “I’ll let you see the real picture, in color, and up close when you’re finished”. It works!

The powerpoint included reviews the answers to both the Do Now questions. When reviewing the second question I ask students to identify the correct vocabulary word which describes what happens to the picture when it becomes smaller (it is reduced). Then I ask two different students to share out their measurements of each picture. A discussion about rounding to the nearest half inch may be necessary. I check for understanding by first asking students to raise their hand if they know what it means to round “to the nearest half inch”. If time permits, this is also a good opportunity to run through other rounding possibilities:

  • To the nearest inch/centimeter/unit
  • To the nearest tenth of an inch/cm/unit
  • To the nearest quarter inch/cm/unit

Next, I move on to the slide where I ask students to pick out the image that was enlarged correctly, to scale. The third image is correctly enlarged, and to scale. Time must be allowed for making fun of me. It a good break in the lesson for kids to have good natured fun.

Guided Practice

10 minutes

Next, I explain to students that they will be taking a practice test today to help them get ready for their Unit Test the next day. They should work hard to answer as many questions as possible, skipping the most difficult questions and coming back to them later. We begin by reviewing the first question together. Students are given 45 seconds to read the problem independently. Then, I’ll have one student read it out loud. The rest follows:



After answering student questions, a 10 minute timer is set. 

Practice Test

20 minutes

Students will have 10 minutes to complete as much of the practice test as possible. During this time I will be walking around to motivate students to focus or to skip a question if they’re stuck on it for too long.

At the end of 10 minutes, the answer to the first 5 problems will be projected and students will be asked to discuss their answers, along with the given correct answers, with their neighbors. During this time, I will walk around to give feedback about showing work. Any student(s) who have not drawn pictures or shown sufficient work will be encouraged to do so the next day on their Unit Test. I will take the last 6 minutes of this section to work with a small group of students who need additional feedback and more one-on-one time.


10 minutes

In the last 10 minutes of class, students will again work independently to complete more questions. At the end, it will be announced that the answers will be posted on the website by the end of the school day so that students may use them to study.