A Fractured Fairy Tale

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SWBAT create an online fractured fairy tale.

Big Idea

Students will create an online fractured fairy tale.


1 minutes


4 minutes

I explain to my students that a fairy tale is a story that has magical characters and events.  Fairy tales usually have a happy ending.  Today, we will be writing fractured fairy tales online using the Fractured Fairy Tale worksheets they completed yesterday and the Read-Write-Think online fractured fairy tale writing template.  A fracture is a break.  A fractured fairy tale is a fairy tale that changes the original story's characters, setting, plot, point of view, or ending.

Creating a Fractured Fairy Tale

40 minutes

Next, I review the Fractured Fairy Tale worksheets students completed yesterday and offer them feedback to improve their stories.  I, then, allow students to work with their partner to create an online fractured fairy tale.  (Click here to create a fractured fairy tale.)  I like using fractured fairy tales because they allow my scholars an opportunity to "think outside the box."  They get to see that it is perfectly okay to veer from the traditional fairy tale to be creative to construct their own uniquely original fairy tale.  The resulting fairy tales often show the humorous sides of my students.


15 minutes

We close the lesson with each group drawing a picture to illustrate their fractured fairy tale and then reading their fractured fairy tale aloud to the class.  This helps students to hone their art, speaking, and listening skills. (See the attached student work samples of fractured fairy tales.)