Earthquakes GoAnimate

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SWBAT create GoAnimate videos about earthquakes.

Big Idea

Students will use dialogue worksheets to create GoAnimate videos about earthquakes.


1 minutes


4 minutes

This is Day 2 of a two day lesson about earthquakes.  Day 1 was Earthquakes GoAnimate Preparation (click here to view lesson).  I inform my students that today we will use the Dialogue Worksheets they created on yesterday and any additional information they researched on earthquakes for homework in order to create GoAnimate videos about earthquakes.  I again show them a sample GoAnimate video on earthquakes (click here to view video).

Creation of GoAnimate Videos

35 minutes

In order to prepare my students to create their GoAnimate videos about earthquakes, I show them a video tutorial on how to create GoAnimate videos.  (Click here to view the video tutorial on how to create a GoAnimate video.)  I answer any questions they have and they get started!

Whole Group Sharing

15 minutes

After scholars have created their GoAnimate videos on earthquakes, we come back together to watch them as a whole group.  (Click here to view a sample student GoAnimate video about earthquakes.)  I use whole group sharing as a means of helping my scholars to hone their evaluative skills, which are higher level Bloom's Taxonomy skills.  Not only do they get to assess whether or not the objectives of the lesson were met by their peers, but they get the benefit of viewing multiple perspectives.  The lesson teaches them that there is more than one way of viewing information.


5 minutes

We close the lesson with students telling one thing they learned that they did not know about earthquakes.  My students shared that they learned how earthquakes form, how earthquakes affect he landscape of the Earth, and what we can do to prepare for earthquakes.  It was important for me to ensure that my students gained the essential understanding that although earthquakes are unpredictable and we cannot fully prepare for them, we can have a plan in place to limit the loss of lives and property.