Earthquakes GoAnimate Preparation

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SWBAT write the dialogue for GoAnimate videos about earthquakes.

Big Idea

Students will write dialogue to be used in creating GoAnimate videos about earthquakes.


1 minutes


4 minutes

This is Day 1 of a two day lesson on earthquakes.  I open the lesson by asking my students to explain to me about earthquakes - What are they?  Why do they occur?  What can happen as a result of earthquakes?  Next, I explain to my scholars that today, we will prepare the dialogue to be used to create GoAnimate videos about earthquakes (see attached Dialogue Worksheet resource).  On Day 2, they will use their Dialogue Worksheets to create GoAnimate videos on earthquakes.  Click here to view the sample GoAnimate video on earthquakes that I showed my students.

GoAnimate Dialogue Creation

50 minutes

For this portion of the lesson, I have scholars to work with a partner to use information they have learned during our unit on earthquakes to create the dialogue which will be used to create GoAnimate videos about earthquakes.  (See attached Dialogue Worksheet as a resource.)


5 minutes

To close the lesson, I encourage students to continue researching information about earthquakes on their own for homework.  They may also use the information they research in their GoAnimate video dialogue.

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