Writing the Argument

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SWBAT write an argument using claims and evidence.

Big Idea

Students pick a topic and write an argument.

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

To review the differences between argumentative and persuasive writing, I will have the students answer the questions on the Advanced Organizer.  This will help them recall the information we discussed yesterday.  

I will have the students work for a few minutes on their own and then ask them to share their answers with their shoulder partners.  This will allow to to access information their peers may have remembered that they did not. 

I will take a few minutes to go over the advanced organizer with the students.  I will also be able to fill in any information that is important to the days lessons. 


Guided Practice

25 minutes

I have found that the best way for the kids to learn to swim, is to throw them into the pool! I can model over and over how to write, but until the kids practice it themselves, they never get the experience. 

However, I will provide them with some guidance.  To begin, I will remind the students how to build an argument.  First, you need to pick a topic, do the research, and then pick a stance.  This will allow you to go into writing fully prepared. 

I do want to provide the students this practice with some structure.  I will pass out the article "Someone is Watching You" and have read it aloud with the students.  This article discusses the issue of whether or not too many security cameras are in public places. 

Once we read it aloud and discuss it, I will have the students pick a stance on the issue.  I will tell them they need to pick a side and write their argument.  Now, I realize that this will be messy and possibly very scary for them to just go write.  However, it is important that feel that struggle. 

I will have them just write a short argumentative paragraph that uses the text evidence to support their stance.  This allows them the structure to write an argumentative piece.  It is a great way to transition into writing a longer piece that requires them to do the majority of the research. This will be the next step. 



Independent Practice

25 minutes

At this point, I will have the students work to write a draft. I will pass out the graphic organizer.  This will provide them with some structure for the writing.  I will allow the students who are ready to write on their own, start to write.  I will pull the students who I know will struggle and work with them on developing a topic sentence.  Once we have worked on this step, they may be more able to pull out the evidence they can use as their evidence. 

I will circulate through the room to monitor the writing and ensure the students are demonstrating understanding of argumentative writing. 

Once they finish, I will have them share their writing with a peer to edit and ensure it is ready to turn in. 

The students can turn in the assignment for an assessment. 


5 minutes

Writing can be very frustrating for a lot of students.  It is unknown and requires a lot of stamina.  I will have the students reflect on the writing today, identifying the pieces used to make the arguments they made. 

I will ask them to complete a Closure Slip.  I can use this to assess their learning and to plan future lessons.