Closing Money Project & Assessment

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SWBAT count groups of dimes, nickels and pennies.

Big Idea

Assess what students learned and create a project to show all that they know! This lesson allows you to assess students in 2 ways-the traditional pencil and paper test as well as a culminating project!

Note to the Teacher

This lesson comes at the end of my money unit, and after 2 weeks of instruction on counting coins. The assessments here will see how students can count coins and how they can use coin amounts in word problem situations. This lesson also includes a culminating project, the coin critter. I must admit, the cute factor with the coin critters is out of control. This project is adorable! But it also has students show how they group coins to count them on their own. 

Project Directions

10 minutes

Project Description Students will create a Coin Critter, which is an adorable game that I found here on Spoonful. In this project, students choose a group of coins, sort them in the way that they want to count them, count the value of the money and then turn the coins into a cute little bug! 

Project Model: Before students go to work, I'll model how to make a coin critter whole group. 

Project Parameters: Use at least 5 coins and no more than 10 coins. I included quarters in the Coin Critter, though it wasn't a huge focus of this unit. I will instruct only a few of my students who need an extension to use the quarters. Everyone else will have to choose from dimes, nickels and pennies.

Project Directions that I'll model:

1. Cut out at least 5 (but no more than 10) coins. 

2. Put them in the order you want to count them.

3. Glue them in a "line" (can be a little wiggly as seen on the Spoonful site). 

4. Show how to count the critter. Write the value.

5. Turn it into a bug!

I used magnets to model how to make a coin critter. See my whiteboard Teacher Model!

Project materials can be found attached here: Coin Critter Project.pdf


Project Creation!

20 minutes

I'll give each student a half piece of poster board (or large construction paper/art paper) to glue their finished coin critters on. Each child will get to make 2 coin critters so they can put them side by side! Materials are attached here: Coin Critter Project.pdf

As students work, I am observing to see what misconceptions still exist. This is another way to keep ongoing assessment of students-how are they sorting the coins to make them easiest to count? How are they counting them? Are they switching how they skip count? This will inform how I need to reteach or continue to spiral this material in later units.

See Student Work Example! Critter # 1Critter #2 and Critter #3. Watch a student explain how she counted her coin critter here: Counting the Coin Critter

Pencil & Paper Assessment

20 minutes

After students create their posters and display them, we will do a traditional pencil and paper assessment. This quiz includes questions on 2.MD.C8, as well as 1.OA.D8, which is equations to 20 with unknowns in all locations. I keep this standard on almost all of my assessments, as it is something I spiral throughout the year.

Money Assessment is attached!