Bullying Stinks

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SWBAT tell an adult when they see bullying at school activities.

Big Idea

Adults and kids working together can stop bullying!

Student Led Actitiy

10 minutes

 The 7th lesson begins just like the previous lessons, with the "readers" telling all students to get out their RRN (reading response notebook) and turn to the section on "Take a Stand-Stop Bullying Now".

Reader One uses the microphone and says, "Write the title of the episode, number, and date as a heading."  Listen as I read question one." (At this time I project the list of questions for this episode onto the screen. As students turn the question into the answer stem I type what they are saying..)

Reader 1 reads the question.

Reader 2 can either turn the question into an answer stem or call on a student to turn the question into an answer stems.

Students' job at their desks is to quickly begin copying or using their own words to write the answer stem.

Active Engagement

10 minutes

KB tries out for the soccer team but has a hard time when Cassandra keeps trying to make her look bad in front of Coach.

In this episode Cassandra bullies KB right in front of Coach Crunch.  I remember in The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo Rob is bullied on the bus in view of the bus driver.

Today I want you to be thinking how both adults and kids need to work together to stop bullying.

Let's review the questions you will be answering.

Question 1: What were the two mean things Cassandra did on the soccer field?

Question2: Why do you think Coach Cruncher didn't tell Cassandra to stop picking on KB?

Question 3:  Besides KB, Who else do you think was feeling pretty bad after soccer tryouts?

Question 4:  What do you think KB could have done about Cassandra's behavior on the soccer field?

Question 5  If KB decided to talk about Cassandra's behavior on the soccer field to Coach Cruncher, what could she say?

Play the Soccer Tryouts.

Ok students, turn and compare your ideas with your partner.  Students1 and 3will share first.  Listen in and decide who to call on to share whole group.  

Move through questions in this way.  1-1 discussion followed by class share out.  Students will complete their answer stems during this process.  Encourage them to add to their answers or revise as necessary including an explanation using evidence from the video.

Replay the video as necessary for students to add details to support their answers.




Tonight for home work, I want you to reread Oliver Button is a Sissy. One theme of this story is bullying.

Mark up the text by underlining examples of bullying.

Then in the margins say more about how Oliver probably feels when he is feeling and tell why you think the way you do.

The second thing I want you do is to write an example of bullying and make a picture.  Tomorrow you will read your example of bulling and show your picture.  Then you will wad them up by crushing them and attaching them to our bullying trash can.