What Would You Do?

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SWBAT identify and understand characters emotions, practice stepping up and not being a bystander to bullying .

Big Idea

Lend a Hand, Stop Bullying Now!

Student Led Actitvy

10 minutes

 The 6th lesson begins just like the previous lessons, with the "readers" telling all students to get out their RRN (reading response notebook) and turn to the section on "Take a Stand-Stop Bullying Now".Reader One uses the microphone and says, "Write the title of the episode, number, and date as a heading."  Listen as I read question one." (At this time I project the the list of questions for this episode onto the screen. As students turn the question into the answer stem I type what they are saying..)

Reader 1 reads the question.

Reader 2 can either turn the question into an answer stem or call on a student to turn the question into an answer stems.

Students' job at their desks is to quickly begin copying or using their own words to write the answer stem.

Active Engagement

10 minutes

In this episode, Josh watches as Milton gets bullied by Brick and remembers back to when he was bullied last year.   Deja vu means when something that is happening seems like it happened before. Watch and see how Josh has a deja vu moment.

Before we watch the video, lets review the questions and be thinking about what you could do if you saw something happening like this in our lunchroom. 

Question1: If you were Josh and watched a group of students stomp on someone's lunch, what could you do to help?

Question 2:  How much courage do you think it would take to stand up for Milton when Brink and his gang are squashing Milton's lunch. (explain why)

Question 3:  What could Josh and Raven do to help Milton after Brick and his gang leave?

Question 4:  What does Josh mean when he said he was suffering from a case of deja vu?

Let's watch the video.

Ok students, turn and compare your ideas with your partner.  Students 2 and 4 will share first.  Listen in and decide who to call on to share whole group.  

Move through questions in this way.  1-1 discussion followed by class share out.  Students will complete their answer stems during this process.  Encourage them to add to their answers or revise as necessary including an explanation using evidence from the video.

Replay the video as necessary for students to add details to support their answers.

Play video Stand Up for Your Classmates to reinforce the message that bullying is not O.K. and that everyone has a responsibility to stop it.


Enrichment/ Homework

"Students, tonight I have two assignments for you to complete to extend what you learned in episode #6, Josh Has Lunch With Raven and Milton.

Part 1

First, you will read an excerpt from Wonder.

Then reread closely looking for details and clues.

Your job is to analyze how R.J. Palacio, the author of Wonder, used


*actions, and

*dialogue to suggest the kind of person Summer is. 

1.Underline the words and phrases you think are important and

2. In the margins tell more about what you think the details, actions and dialogue really mean how they help you to infer about Summer.


Part II

 Next, I want you to write a short, narrative scene that takes place

*in a school lunchroom

*between three kids.  

*one character bullying another character

*have a third person step in and say or do something to stop the bullying.  

*End by having the third person say or do something nice to the character who was bullied.

Just like R.J. Palacio, I want you to use details, actions and dialogue to show character traits of the third person who steps in and "lends a hand" to stop bullying.