How Should I Answer?

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SWBAT analyze characters' feeling and put themselves in their shoes.

Big Idea

Developing Empathy and Self Awareness.

Student Led Activity

10 minutes

The 5th lesson begins just like the previous lessons, with the "readers" telling all students to get out their RRN (reading response notebook) and turn to the section on "Take a Stand-Stop Bullying Now".

Reader One uses the microphone and says, "Write the title of the episode, number, and date as a heading."  Listen as I read question one." 

(At this time I project the list of questions onto the screen. As students turn the question into the answer stem I type what they are saying..)

Reader 1 reads the question.

Reader 2 can either turn the question into an answer stem or call on a student to turn the question into an answer stem.

Students' job at their desks is to quickly begin copying or using their own words to write the answer stem.

Active Engagement

10 minutes

In this episode, KB avoids telling her mom about how hard her first day of school at her new school was.  She did not tell her mom that the other kids made fun of her and cyberbullied her by posting a picture of her online.

Has this every happened to you?  How do you decide when to tell your parents or an adult about your problems?

I want you to be thinking about this as you watch what happens to KB at school.  Let's review the questions you will be discussing with your partner and what we will discuss as a class.

1.  Why did KB tell her mom that her day was just great?

2.  What might be a better way for KB to answer her mom's question about her day?

3.  If you were KB what would have been the worst part of your day?

4.  Did Melanie bully KB?

5. Why do you think that Melanie didn't laugh when KB sat on the ketchup packet?

Play the webisode "KB Recalls her Day".

Ok students, turn and compare your ideas with your partner.  Students 1 and 3 will share first.  Listen in and decide who to call on to share whole group.  

Move through questions in this way.  1-1 discussion followed by class share out.  Students will complete their answer stems during this process.  Encourage them to add to their answers or revise as necessary including an explanation using evidence from the video.



5 minutes

In this episode, KB returns from school and doesn't want to tell her mom how her day really went.

Think about a time when your family member asks you how your day went but you decide not to be truthful with them.  Why do you think you didn't want to talk about it?  Turn and talk with your partner.

Ask kids to share their thoughts with the whole class.  (see where this goes)

Continue by saying, "Writers include scenes like this in books, too.

Listen to this excerpt on page 44 in Hound Dog True.

(read excerpt and follow up with turn and talks and a whole group discussion).