Fitting In: What's my Shape?

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SWBAT infer characters feeling and motivations and participate in 1-1 , small group, and whole group discussion.

Big Idea

The Dynamics of Changing Friends!

Student Led Activity

10 minutes

The 4th lesson in this unit begins just like the previous lessons, with the "readers" telling all students to get out their RRN (reading response notebook) and turn to the section on "Take a Stand-Stop Bullying Now".

Reader One uses the microphone and says, "Write the title of the episode, number, and date as a heading."  Listen as I read question one." 

(At this time I project the list of questions onto the screen. As students turn the question into the answer stem I type what they are saying..)

Reader 1 reads the question.

Reader 2 can either turn the question into an answer stem or call on a student to turn the question into an answer stem.

Students' job at their desks is to quickly begin copying or using their own words to write the answer stem.


Active Engagement

10 minutes

In episode 4 Melanie want to fit in so she stops hanging around with her old friends and starts hanging out with the cool kids at school.  She doesn't stand up for her old friends that get bullied.

Before we watch the episode I want to remind you of the questions:

1.  Why did Melanie tell Casandra that she was talking to nobody when she was talking to Raven and Lasa?

2. What do you think Melanie could have done when Cassandra asked her who she was talking to?

3.  Why do you think Bibi and Mimi had nightmares about Cassandra?

4.  What do you think of Melanie's new group of friends, Bibi, Mimi, and Cassandra?

We'll watch the episode and then you will turn and compare your ideas with your partners.  Today even number partners will share first.  Listeners, your job is to listen carefully, indicate when you agree with your partner's ideas, and add on to what they said.

Then we will have a whole class discussion about the question.  After that, you will complete your answer in your notebook.

(Continue in the same way for questions 2, 3, and 4).

Extension/ Homework

Today's episode was about fitting in and new vs old friends.  It reminds me of the girl scout song, "Make New Friends But Keep the Old"

I know some of you are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  

I have an excerpt for you to read.  The excerpt is from the point of view of Olivia, August's sister.  

1. Your homework is to read the excerpt and mark up the text by writing your thoughts  and questions in the margins.

2. Next,  think of a time when your best friend(s) are acting different towards you or when you acted different to them.

3. Write a short scene (personal narrative or fictional) using details, dialogue and action to show this situation.

Last night I wrote a scene for you titled "Thud, Thud, Thud: Jumping Ropes" as an example of when my feelings seemed to changed in a flash.