Can You Buy Friends?

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SWBAT make inferences about character motivation based on evidence in text and background knowledge through discussion.

Big Idea

Reveal your beliefs through discussions!

Student Led Activity

10 minutes

The 3rd lesson begins just like the first two, with the "readers" telling all students to get out their RRN (reading response notebook) and turn to the section on "Take a Stand-Stop Bullying Now".

Reader One uses the microphone and says, "Write the title of the episode, number, and date as a heading."  Listen as I read question one." 

(At this time I project the list of questions onto the screen. As students turn the question into the answer stem I type what they are saying..)

Reader 1 reads the question.

Reader 2 can either turn the question into an answer stem or call on a student to turn the question into an answer stem.

Students' job at their desks is to quickly begin copying or using their own words to write the answer stem.

Active Engagement

10 minutes

"Today in this episode you will see how Brick responds to Josh on the football field, how Brick interacts with his "friends" and you'll learn some background information about Josh.  Be thinking about what motivates people's behavior and why they act like they do.

Before we watch the video, think about kids you know that bring stuff to school- like Takis, or material to make bracelets, or lanyards, and then all of a sudden they're "popular" and everyone wants to sit by them at lunch or play with them at recess.  Think if you are the kid who brings stuff or if you are the kid who is suddenly friends with the person who has the "goods".  

What do you think about that...can you buy friends?  And if you can, what kind of friends are they?

See if this background knowledege helps you understand what is motivating Brick to be nice to Josh.

 Play webisode # 3 "Josh North: Last Year's Zero".

Have students watch the video to find evidence to use in their discussions about the questions:

Questions: Josh North

Say,"Today I want partners 1 and 3 to talk first." Read first question.

"Why do you think Josh was so surprised that Brick was nice to him"

Turn and Compare ideas.

Listen in and coach 1-1 discussions

Process whole group:  Options

Pull a stick out of the jar and have that person share what their partner said and then add their ideas.

Call on a volunteer  with hand raised to add to discussion.

Call on student you listened in to/coached during 1-1 and ask them to share.

Continue in this manner as you discuss the three questions.

Allow time for students to complete and/or revise answers in their RRN