Algebraic Expressions Quiz

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SWBAT show their understanding of algebraic expressions.

Big Idea

Students take a quiz on algebraic expressions

Quiz Topics

5 minutes

For this quiz students will be assessed on the following topics:

- Translating algebraic expressions

- Evaluating algebraic expressions

- Simplifying algebraic expressions

- Identifying parts of an algebraic expression

Administering the Quiz

30 minutes

Students will be given 20 to 30 minutes to complete the Algebraic Expressions Quiz.  They will not be allowed to use their notes or discuss their work with another student.

If students should finish early I will encourage them to check their work.  I will give them a challenge problem for extra credit.  The challenge was discussed in a previous lesson, but students may not remember that there are two strategies for finding perimeter.


Show two strategies for finding the perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 3x + 4 and a width of 2x + 5.