Ready?? Action!!

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SWBAT perform their public service announcements in order to be filmed for a viewing audience.

Big Idea

Being at ease while speaking in front of others is a necessary skill for success in life.

Hitting Our Marks: The Logistics of Filming the PSAs

40 minutes

Today begins the filming of the anti bullying PSAs.  To efficiently film and give appropriate time and consideration for each group, took extra hands for me!!  I found a few 5th graders who I'd had as students last year and put them in charge of filming.  (I've had some of them film for Better Lesson projects before, so I knew they could pull this off!)  

I didn't want the other groups causing distractions during the filming and I wanted each PSA to be a surprise, so I kept everyone who wasn't filming and had another adult in the building monitor the film crew and actors.  

In the classroom with me, students put finishing touches on their PSAs by practicing their lines or by creating props they needed.  Each time a PSA was finished filming, the adult brought them back to class and picked up a new group. 

That's a Wrap

10 minutes

It took a while and a few takes for each group, but we got through them all.  Because the filming went over my class time, I knew we couldn't wrap up and reflect together, so as each group returned, I had them debrief on an exit ticket of sorts.

Tomorrow, we can debrief together before we watch the finished PSAs.