"Story of an Hour" Timed Write

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Students will select one the prompts provided and write a standard five paragraph essay responding to it and utilizing at least two of the texts from the unit.

Big Idea

"Write" In The Nick Of Time.

Instructional Input

5 minutes

I begin the class period by introducing the day's task, including each of the Story of an Hour Essay Prompts available for the students to choose from. I pass out the sheet with each of the prompts listed and then go through each on individually. I do not give the students the opportunity to ask any further questions for this particular writing assignment, primarily because they have multiple options to choose from. I tell them that, if they are not fully sure what is being asked of them by a prompt, to select the one they feel most confident about. 

Independent Practice

45 minutes

Students then have the remainder of the class period, at least 45 minutes, to plan and write the essay, responding thoroughly to the prompt selected. They have access to the different texts we have used during the unit as well, so they are able to utilize and provide specific textual evidence in their responses.