Exploring Propaganda Types

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Students will develop an understanding of various propaganda techniques.

Big Idea

Wow, That Is Pretty Tricky!

Anticipatory Set

20 minutes

I begin this lesson, and the short unit, with the Propaganda Pre-Assessment to determine the existing knowledge of my students. I use this information to determine how best to meet the needs of my students and what information to emphasize. The pre-test is rather short and really only focuses on specific terms and concepts from the unit. I just utilized a pre-existing quiz that was available here. It is not all inclusive of the concepts that I will teach during the unit, but it gives me a solid perspective on where the kids are at coming into my class. It helps me to determine what depth we are most likely to reach and what areas may need added scaffolding and support. 

Instructional Input

25 minutes

I then have the students set up a page in their ISN for notes, in Cornell Notes fashion. The notes center on the different, most commonly found, propaganda techniques used in various forms of media and communication and is titled bias-in-the-news. The presentation goes through each type and includes examples in context so the students can have a basis and point of reference for each. This does not simply teach students the general propaganda that we recognize from times like WWI and WWII, but also connects these concepts to modern day bias. I do this in order to bridge the areas and help the students become more careful and selective consumers of information. This skill will continue to be helpful throughout their lives.


5 minutes

To wrap up the day's lesson, I ask the students to discuss what they learned with their table mates. I ask each student to share with the group something they had never been exposed to before, something they need more time to understand, and something they feel very confident about and perhaps have mastered. Essentially, something they are at a base level with, are developing still, and feel great success with.