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SWBAT write a news article summarizing a major event and character development in a novel.

Big Idea

Contributions to a team!


5 minutes

Previously, students wrote a news article about the Sinkhole incident in the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor.  Today as a class, we reviewed the requirements for a news article using the News Article Power Point.


20 minutes

With a partner, imagine you are a news reporter for the Tangerine Times.  Write a news article about one of the sports games in the novel, Tangerine.  Include details about how one of the characters have developed as a favorite small town star.  Be sure to write using active voice.

Organize your pre-writing ideas using 5Ws and H (who, what, where, when, why, and how).  If necessary, refer to notes previously taken about writing a News Article.  

Rough Draft

20 minutes

Using information throughout Part 2 of Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, with a partner students chose their topic, organized the ideas in a graphic organizer, wrote a rough draft responding to the prompt.  Together they choose one team from the novel (football or soccer) and an athlete  from that team to focus upon.

Together students located specific facts, details, textual evidence to help the reader understand the development of the character as a sports figure/team player within the interaction with the team members.

Using this evidence, partners determined lessons learned through the interaction of teammates in the novel and applied it to their own team player experiences.

Revision included writing using Active Voice, including appropriate hyperboles and transitions, and writing in chronological order.

Final Copy

40 minutes

Together, partners wrote the final copy, including illustrations.  The next day, students shared their writing with the whole class.