Skill Based Mixed Review

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SWBAT solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with fractions.

Big Idea

Students have an opportunity to show what they know about fractions in this skill based mixed review activity.


10 minutes

To launch this mixed review, I revisit the idea of fractions as building blocks.  Together, the class generates a collection of building blocks they have added to their collection this year. 

The purpose of this warm-up is for the students feel a sense of accomplishment for all they have learned this year.  I share with the students that when they look back on 5th grade, I hope they think about fractions and all of the awesome skills they learned this year.  Fractions is a critical focus of the 5th grade common core, I don't want to have the students guess what a critical focus is, I make it explicit.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Using resources from the text book, I have created a mixed review hand out.  Students first write a personal "tip" for solving problems for each operation. 

Next, students work in partners to solve three problems from each section of the handout.  They may chose any three problems.

Students correct their work using an answer key provided and make revisions as needed.

After solving three problems from each section (15 problems total) they choose one of the problems from each section (it should be one they have already solved) and write a real life story problem to go along with the equation.

Still to come...

5 minutes

Students choose one of the word problems they have created and write it on a small poster paper. They include the solution and a model to match.  These will be displayed in the classroom to showcase all that we have learned this year in our fractions units.