Story Element Project, Day 3 of 3

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SWBAT analyze how story elements work together by completing an arts integration project.

Big Idea

Complete the puzzle--how do the story elements work together to form the big picture?

The Story Element Project

Check out project materials here. These were all introduced day one.

Do Now: Goal Setting

5 minutes

To start the day, I again ask students to set a goal for the class period: what will they accomplish for their project? They write their goals for all to see on the board, a very public way to hold themselves accountable.


35 minutes

Students have the class period to work on their projects today. I have all materials needed for any of the options, from art supplies to computer time.

As students work, I again meander to address questions and keep students on task. For the most part, students simply want me to check in work.


Exit Comment: What Remains?

5 minutes