Metric & Customary Measurement Review

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The students will demonstrate their understanding of the two systems of measurement while reviewing the components of each system.

Big Idea

Folding our way to reviewing!


15 minutes

In today’s lesson students review the Metric and U.S. Customary systems by creating their own foldable.  Students will then create conversion questions and quiz a partner. 

I start today’s lesson by showing a Study Jam title Units of Measurement from the Scholastic website.  The information presented is review for the students but I want to get them thinking of all the parts and pieces of measurement we have covered in the last couple weeks of instruction.

I ask students to share a detail from the Study Jam with their neighbor then bring the group back together to share with the whole class.  Students are asked to share a detail their partner recalled from the video clip. 


30 minutes

The main portion of today’s lesson is very student centered.  Students will be creating their own foldable for reviewing the two systems of measurement.  They are allowed to use their graphic organizer and information from any of the investigations we completed during the unit. 

I give students a sheet of white paper and offer them no advice on how to create the foldable.  The only instructions I give them are to make sure they include the important pieces of information from each system and unit in a clear and logical manner. 

I allow the students about twenty minutes to work on creating their foldable. 


15 minutes

To end today’s lesson I have students work with their neighbor to quiz each other on the conversions. 

Now that you have created your foldable it’s time to review our measurement information.  I would like you to ask your partner a question that involves them setting up a conversion and completing the calculation.  You may use whiteboards to solve the questions. 

The partner that gives the question also has to complete the conversion to ensure the calculation is correct.  The partner that is being quizzed needs to explain their thinking to the questioner. 

For example, you could ask your partner, how many cups are in 4 gallons?

I have the students quiz each other for about 15 minutes as I circulate the room and check for understanding.  If students are struggling I assist them in their thinking.