Vocabulary Sixteen Review

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SWBAT participate in a guided review of vocabulary words culled from Part One of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Big Idea

Did Harper Lee take the SAT?

Vocabulary 16 Review

40 minutes


Admittedly, it has been very difficult to narrow down this week's vocabulary to only ten words, thanks to the prolific vocabulary of Harper Lee.  However, relying on the knowledge I gained in a past life as an SAT tutor, I think the finalists represent words my students are likely to encounter again.  All ten are found throughout Part One of To Kill a Mockingbird.

As per our weekly ritual, my students copy down guided review and have the option of either writing down the sentences from the text (which I include in the powerpoint) or of creating their own sentences and sharing them with the whole group as we move through the review, if they so choose. However, if they choose to develop sentences for their homework, they must be new sentences from what they may have created in class.

Whole Group Reading

30 minutes


Having spent the better part of the week exploring Part One of To Kill a Mockingbird, which my students had to read largely on their own over their two-week Spring Break, I now feel comfortable about moving forward in the book.

We will begin reading chapter 12 as a whole-group and will most likely get to church with Calpurnia, but will not complete the chapter.  I instruct my students to be on the look-out for good focus questions as we read, which they have been developing for each chapter.

I will assign the completion of chapter 12, along with chapter 13 as homework, with the additional task of developing a focus question for each chapter.