Lesson 24

Opposing Viewpoint Formative

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SWBAT offer an opposing viewpoint on a given topic and provide details to back it up.

Big Idea

Can you seek first to understand others?

Assessment time

60 minutes

I found this great mini-assessment about Marco Polo, so I plan to use questions 2-6 of it. I'm going to give the kids the writing portion another day to use for a writing grade. I like this because it has the kids looking at two accounts of the same topic and it has some nice question stems that align with the new tests coming out. I don't want to teach to the test, but I want my kiddos to have some exposure before trying these new tests out for the first time. 

I'll be monitoring students for justification and to see how they're doing with some of the questions. I may need to explain what they need to do for a few of them. Reading the two passages and answering the questions with care, will probably take my whole class period.