Lesson 26

Credible Sources Workstations

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SWBAT analyze sources for credibility and review nonfiction text structure skills

Big Idea

You deserve a break, so today's lesson is free of teacher instruction. Use your reading skills to navigate through our activities.

Introduction and Expectations

10 minutes

Teacher Station: Today I will work with students to further discuss credible sources. If RI.5.7 asks our students to use sources to answer a question (or in my class back up a viewpoint), then the kids need to site valid sources. This is a ridiculously important skill for life. I'll be having a brief discussion with the kiddos in my station, and then we'll turn to the SMART board to take a look at some online sources together. I have a few websites ready for them, so I'll access each and let the kids look through with their credibility notes and just have general discussions about the sites and the information. 

Credible Sources Scavenger Game: Students will be in teams at my 3 computers to complete a game board about the validity of a few websites. This seemed pretty fun for the kids. See page 10 on the document attached. This will give them some practice and make it a little more fun for them. I know we have to read in reading, but I need more real-world applications for them. 

Tone of Sources: The kids will receive a few texts on school uniforms and read with partners to make annotations about the tone of the sources. Tone was covered in poetry, but I will have a written definition and example for them at the station to help them be more independent. I wanted them to work on this because I know if they can understand the tone of a piece, then they can start to feel the author's perspective a bit more. 



45 minutes

Teacher Station: To start we'll watch this video together. I want the kiddos to use their notes to decide if this is credible or not. Once we have a brief discussion, I want to turn back to the buffalo and planet articles from yesterday to have some time to chat specifically about those. I don't feel like I got enough time yesterday. 

When I have a few seconds, I'll move around the room to some of the other stations just to check in and monitor behavior.