Lesson 21

Help Wanted: Seeking Opposing Viewpoint to Help Us Make a Fair Judgement

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SWBAT identify a viewpoint and infer the opposing viewpoint.

Big Idea

Can we really believe what we read?

Modeled Instruction

15 minutes

I have a really great book called "Superbaby" and yes, I read it while pregnant to try to be a decent mom. While reading, I started thinking about how one sided the viewpoints of the author were and how much that would relate to my lessons. I picked two pages about MSG for my lesson today because the kids have been on a food research kick, so I thought they would enjoy this. We'll then compare the information in that selection to the information in an opposing article.  I give a detailed explanation of this section here

After we finished reading, the kids wanted to discuss this further. 


Small Groups

20 minutes

It's your turn to try this out. You'll receive an article about electronic toys. I'd like for you to read and annotate to think about the viewpoint. Then you'll repeat the process with an opposing viewpoint. You may work with your table partners unless I call you to the back table. We'll have a class discussion following your reading. I want you to really think about the two different viewpoints and which one you think is more valid. Both a pretty well written, so use the best judgement of all of those wonderful brains in your group. 

Homework Challenge

5 minutes

Tonight I'd like you to look for articles that have opposing viewpoints of the electronics article  or the MSG articles we read today. When you bring it in, I want you to be able to tell me if the article is for or against MSG or electronic toys. 

Here is an example of one that a student found.