Lesson 18

Crime Scene Investigation: Performance Task Day 2

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SWBAT synthesize information from multiple resources to make a valid claim.

Big Idea

Evidence lies in more than just text. Can you find the missing student teacher based on the clues?

Sifting through evidence

35 minutes

Each group has received the confidential folders. Now you may take out the news report and pictures. You must share these in your group, but you may write on these. I expect to see annotations and thoughts written down. Pull out your reading from yesterday to help you when making decisions. In about 10 minutes, you will spend the rest of your time recording all of your information to make your final decision. 

At this point, I'll be moving around to listen in on the thoughts and ideas the kids have. I'm so excited to hearwhat they think about everything. I won't be helping at all, as this is more of a performance task. I want them to figure all of this out with the help of their peers. 

 Now that you have had a chance to look through everything, Michael will discuss your recording sheet. 

At this point, my students are doing a lot of the teaching, so a student will be reviewing the expectations for filling this out. You can see a few examples here.  I won't be helping them as they work, but I will be moving around the room to get an idea of what kiddos are on the right track of finding the correct suspect. This is such a real world application of just about every informational text standard, and it's fun. With all of the standardized emphasis in teaching now, I just refuse to make learning boring for the kids. This is what we want them to be able to do, and I want to do so much more of it next year. 

Proving our Claim

15 minutes

The kiddos will line up according to who they chose as the suspect. The 4th grade teachers are all in their rooms on their lunch break to let us search their rooms. I asked the teachers to help us speed this up by being out of their room if the DEFINITELY didn't do it. A few kids did choose those rooms even though the evidence clearly did not point in that direction. I filmed the two rooms that most of the kids picked. It was so much fun to watch. 


5 minutes

To wrap up the whole activity,  I want my kids to summarize the lesson by completing this shaping up graphic organizer.  I like this because it gives them a few things to think about to summarize when we're wrapping up the lesson. It serves as good feedback for me, too. A lot of kids said one thing they loved about the lesson is how fun and exciting it was. Asking them what they feel was important to learn helps me see if they are just "playing" or if the activity was actually teaching them something.