Lesson 5

Perspectives Formative

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SWBAT identify and describe multiple perspectives.

Big Idea

We all see things differently. Can you spot the different viewpoints ?


5 minutes

This is a basic formative assessment to show if kids can identify a viewpoint about pizza by reading a quote and then give an opposing viewpoint. This is just a quick check which is why I kept it so short. I wanted to first see if my kids understood viewpoints/perspectives. If they understand this, they should be able to show me that by simply reading a quote. I will give them something a bit longer next. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

I'm really hoping that students can use the skills we practiced over the past few days to show success on this formative assessment.  While the students are working, I'll be moving around to monitor. Once students start to finish, I'm hoping to meet with some students to review their interactive notebooks up to this point. We haven't been into the unit too long, so I like to pull some notebooks to do spot checks to make sure they are putting all of the correct information in the notebook. Sometimes students can be disorganized and their materials end up missing, so I use the time to help them stay organized.