Lesson 4

The Way I See It... A Multiple Perspectives Close Read

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SWBAT determine and describe the multiple perspectives presented on a topic.

Big Idea

Think about the last time your got in trouble by your parents. Was your story the same as theirs?


10 minutes

I'm providing a few options here or you can substitute the reading with something more meaningful to your class. We've had recent conversations/lessons pop up about government and segregation. I purchased one activity about taxes from teachers pay teachers and the other was about segregation protests and was a freebie I found. 

Today is basically about giving the students the opportunity to read closely and show awareness of perspectives. You can certainly use something like this as a formative if your students are doing really well. After my workstations yesterday, I felt like my students needed one more day to practice independently before trying a formative. 

Close Read

40 minutes

Students will be reading and annotating independently to look for different perspectives. I'll be using the taxes passages and activity. My students will be close reading first and then completing a venn diagram and some text dependent questions that discuss the multiple viewpoints. 

While my students are working, I'll be sitting down with a few of my students that seemed to be struggling yesterday during workstations. It seems that the students get the idea that their are two different viewpoints or perspectives, but they have a hard time justifying it. If students are struggling finding instances where viewpoint is expressed, we'll work on using symbols like sunglasses whenever they read something that sounds like a way that someone sees something. This will take some time for students. 

Once students have finished the task, we'll get into talk partners to share our thoughts. Today, I may have students pair up by shirt color or something to get them moving and talking to other kiddos in the classroom. Then I'll have students make any last minute changes and turn these in so I can get a good look at them before the students give me formative work.