The Topic Acrostic

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SWBAT choose a topic, research on ipads, and write a topic acrostic.

Big Idea

Blending facts and verse!


15 minutes

"Students, yesterday you heard my topic acrostic on Clipper Ships.  I'll reread it to you today."

Clipper Ship Acrostic Poem

"Your assignment last night was to think of the topic you wanted to research and write an acrostic poem about for today.   You will be putting some facts into your poem.  Are you ready?  Turn and compare your topic with your partner.  Tell them three facts you already know about your topic."

Ask for two or three students to share with whole group.  

"First you will write the topic vertically down the side of your paper.  Then you will conduct research on your topic by reading on an electronic source (ipads).

Your job is to figure out how to write an acrostic poem that also teachers your readers about your topic.

Give me a thumbs up if you are ready.

Excellent, I see you all are ready to research and write a topic acrostic.  Remember to include facts about your topic in your poem.  You have two jobs today: write something to convey emotions and at the same time teach your reader perhaps a little known fact or two about your topic."

Independent work

30 minutes

Students will share an ipad and help each other read for facts that can be incorporated into their vertical acrostic poem.

My job will to be on the look out for students who are just writing things off the top of their head about their topic.  I will be pushing them to learn and share something new through their poem.

Share out

10 minutes

I will look for three students to share their Topic Acrostic poems with the class.

My criteria for sharing will include:  

1.  Poems taught the reader a fact or facts about their topic.

2.  They wrote their topic vertically down their page and each line started with the letter in their topic

3.  They also had a poetic voice- they blended poetry and facts.