Active/Passive Voice

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SWBAT differentiate between active and passive voices and use active voice to improve sentence structure.

Big Idea

Making my writing stronger by using Active Voice.

Differentiating Between Active/Passive Voice

5 minutes

As a class, we quickly reviewed the difference between Active and Passive Voice using the Active/Passive Voice Power Point found in the Resources.

Let's Practice

15 minutes

Using an worksheet from English for Everyone, we completed and corrected the practice Active/Passive Voice Worksheet.

As a class, we completed the first three examples together.  Then, the class worked on the next 7 examples independently.  We corrected them and discussed how the voice was identified.  Students then completed the end of the worksheet independently and again we reviewed this in class.

News Article

20 minutes

On the back of the worksheet, I printed a copy of a local news article.  We discussed how news reporters should be writing in the active voice, making the writing more exciting with action verbs vs “be” verbs.  With a partner, students highlighted verbs in the article and labeled whether it was active or passive voice.

We shared as a class, noting that most of the article was written in active voice.  A discussion of how it would change if written in the passive voice occurred.