Quiz + Graphing Proportional Relationships

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Quiz + SWBAT graph points to show proportional relationships.

Big Idea

students work on a quiz and then graph points along the line of a proportional relationship


30 minutes

Students enter silently. Quizzes are on their desks and they are to begin as soon as possible. They are allowed to spread out and sit at empty tables and are given the option to use cardboard dividers and noise canceling head phones. Instructions on the board notify students that they will only have 30 minutes to complete this quiz (a timer will be displayed). At the end of the quiz, all students will be asked to turn in their quizzes, and the Class Work will be distributed.

The quiz will assess students’ knowledge of the vocabulary and its application to problem solving. The first vocabulary section is basic identification of words within ratio examples. This is the first level I want to assess and use for remediation. Knowing whether students can identify a ratio will give me a baseline for a remediation plan for that student. The following parts in the quiz assess students’ ability to write ratios and use tables to determine proportionality. Several questions will also require students to read carefully as the order of the numbers in the ratio could be affected.

The data gathered from this quiz will also instruct my lesson planning for the following week. I will need to consider how many students are still not able to use the vocabulary correctly and which students are still struggling with the application of tables to calculate equivalent ratios. It is always interesting to note which students use the strategies taught in class and which students do not apply those strategies. These are concrete pieces of feedback students can be given after each assessment.

I also try to make time over the weekend while grading these quizzes to create an Excel spreadsheet listing student scores and comments. Some of the comments such as “showing work through the strategies and models taught in class” may be easily repeated on Excel and it makes mail merging and printing the documents for students easy.

Guided Practice

10 minutes

If students finish they quiz early they must start the class work. It instructs students to graph linear points on a coordinate plane. Before I teach graphing and identifying the constant of proportionality, I must ensure that students understand how to graph and read points on a graph. Once all students have completed the Quiz, I review the answers to this first sheet with students.

Partnered Practice

15 minutes

Students then receive a second class worksheet which they must complete with partner pairs. A timer with 15 minutes is displayed on the board along with the following guidelines:

  • For problems #1 and #2, you must create an x/y chart to check at least 3 point on the graph you believe is the answer.
  • For problems #3 and #4:
    • Your lines must have  arrows at either end
    • You will need two points to graph
  • If you finish before time is up, place your sheet in the blue basket and come seen me for achievement points.


As students complete this sheet I will be checking their answers and awarding extra points for accurate work. I will be sending students back without points if the quality of the work is poor. 


5 minutes

In the last five minutes of class I am checking any remaining class work  for extra points and asking a students to distribute the homework as students pack up to leave. Students who do not complete the work will be staying with me at lunch to complete the work.