Assessment: Synthesis Essay

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SWBAT synthesize the information in a series of texts on a topic and write an essay on the topic with a unique point of view.

Big Idea

The challenge in writing an argument based on research is to let your own unique idea take center stage.


Assessment: synthesis essay

45 minutes

The past couple days students have been practicing how to read research on a topic they do not know a great deal about, and how to build entry into a conversation by identifying not only the central ideas, but the type of evidence used and their own “take away”—what is meaningful to them—so that they can identify a space for their own point of view.  Today, to practice putting that in writing as well as practice the AP synthesis essay, students will write a synthesis argument in forty minutes based on the articles the read and evaluated yesterday.

This particular essay has been the most troublesome for students, so I’m hoping this assessment, after the work of how to build an argument, will show progress in students writing their own argument.