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SWBAT find unit rate and explain its purpose in problem situations.

Big Idea

students work in groups to find the best deal using unit rates

Do Now

10 minutes

Students enter silently according to the Daily Entrance Routine. Today they will take the Skills Quiz which they have been preparing for all week. They are also asked to enter their answers into Senteo clickers. A timer is set for 10 minutes and displayed on the SMART Board.

After analyzing data I found that question 1 was the most commonly missed problem. I organized groups of students to deliver a mini lesson which utilized the number line to understand the position of rational numbers as fractions and decimals.

Class Notes

15 minutes

Students will copy the definition of Unit Rate off the board:

“the ratio of two measurements in which the second term is 1; the rate for one unit”.

We review the example by reading it independently, reading it one more time with a partner, and reading it out loud to the class. I’m hoping to improve comprehension through this process.


I will guide students as far as setting up the proportion, but expect most of them to complete the multiplication steps on their own. Using data from assessments, I’ve identified students who continuously struggle with rational number operations. These students will be given whiteboards and get to work with me through the entire solution in a smaller group.

Once we have reviewed the answer, I will transition students into the “Task” section of class.


20 minutes

Students are given a challenge Task.

1)      I prepared two lists of students’ name by RIT scores from their MAP scores. I ask students to make two lines with these lists.

2)      Students must find a partner from opposite line to complete the Task

3)      Give PairChallenge

4)      Set a 10 minute timer. Alert students they must be sitting in their seats by the end of this time.

As I am walking around, I am listening to make sure all students are participating in the solutions and answering any questions students may have. Work must be shown the same way it was in the class notes’ example. I select groups that are making good progress after 5 minutes and give them a piece of chart paper and positive comments on their paycheck. They must show their solution on the chart paper.

At the end of these 10 minutes I will have one group present their solution. 


10 minutes

Students will receive a handout. They must complete 5 problems selected from the sheet as an exit ticket. These are to be completed on a separate sheet of paper. The 5 problems selected include 2 from the first set of 15 and 3 problems from the rest of the sheet. The answers included in the last page are meant for the teacher and should be cut out before printing.

Students will leave their exit tickets at their tables. Homework is distributed while they work silently. One student will collect all of the Exit Tickets as the rest of the class lines up.