Our Classroom's the Stage

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SWBAT perform the portion of the play they have selected incorporating the soliloquy they wrote.

Big Idea

The play's the thing...

Warm Up

15 minutes

Today is Free Read Friday.  (The link here takes will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining Free Read Friday.) Students will read their personal library books for the first 15 minutes of class.

I will also allow and encourage students to visit the library to ensure that they have reading material for Spring Break next week.

Group Work

5 minutes

I will allow students this bit of time to review their plans so they can focus on performances of their classmates when we begin.

Performance Time

25 minutes

Student groups will take the floor as their table number is called.  I will get them one minute to prepare before they begin.

There are six groups in each of my classes. While they are focused on the soliloquy (one person) they will utilize the other students to control lighting, any background used, and to function as other characters or the narrator before or after the soliloquy begins. All students are expected to participate.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up class and this unit, students will vote anonymously through the polling feature on Edmodo.

Before voting I will pose the following journal entry so they can process privately as they reflect and vote before leaving class:

Think about what you have learned about drama.  Considered what was offered by each group - both the script and performance.  

Which soliloquy do you think could be added seamlessly to the Scholastic Scope's adaptation and would best enhance the reader/viewer's experience? Think about what you thought was missing when you read the dramatic adaptation.