Revising with Dramatic Vocabulary

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SWBAT use dramatic vocabulary to determine needed revisions to the text of a drama.

Big Idea

Is vocabulary the missing puzzle piece?

Warm Up

15 minutes

Today is Free Read Friday.  (The link here takes will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining Free Read Friday.) Students will read their personal library books for the first 15 minutes of class.


10 minutes

To open class today, I want to give students information to help them with today's task. Directions on the board will say:

In today's task I want you to use the word "medium".  There are several definitions for this word though.  Look up the definition of the term "medium" and discuss at your table which definition you think fits our current topic -drama.

After a few minutes of discussion, we will share findings aloud in class. Of course, I want students to get to that medium (in this case) is a mode of artistic expression or communication.

I will explain to students that based on the work they have completed over the past few days, I realized that I need to add "medium" to our Quizlet page. I think if I had included that term in our work and required them to use it, they might have thought about the differences between the two mediums beyond just plot.

So, today (since most students said Scope's dramatic adaptation was severely lacking) we are going to ask ourselves - Is vocabulary the missing puzzle piece for Scope's version as well?  Could looking at our dramatic terms help us fix it?

Group Work

20 minutes

At this point, students will access both their copy of the play and go to their Quizlet page to open our list of drama terms.

On the SMART board I will display the following:

Each group should discuss the play and discuss what you think is missing.  

Then, discuss the terms on your Quizlet page.  Look for terms that match up to something you've discussed.

*Note -I'll use the example of making soup here. I taste my soup and realize it is lacking something.  A key vocabulary term for soup would be "ingredient".  To improve my soup I may need to work on the ingredients.  To do this I could add salt.

Finally, your group may chose one term from the list to be the missing piece.  The, select one person to record your response t the following -What one dramatic term (if utilized) did you group choose and how would you use this to improve the script?

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To close class today, we will share our "plans" for improvement aloud to look for commonalities. Each table will identify the term they chose and how they would use that to improve the play.

I will also collect each table's written work to review myself.