Student Reviews - Extended Response

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SWBAT write a comparative review of Scholastic Scope's dramatic adaptation of the film The Book Thief.

Big Idea

Your turn to be the critic.

Warm Up

10 minutes

To open class today, I will ask students to look at the rubric displayed on the screen and follow as I review it -(note they have used extended responses and this rubric in the past.)

Next, I will ask them to turn to a neighbor and share three things they know they need to do in order to score well on their extended response today.

Independent Work

45 minutes

Students will complete the attached extended response.  If they are working as they should it will take most of the allotted time, however, I will have many (especially my advanced students) finishing early.  They know that those who finish early read quietly and respect the time remaining for those who aren't finished.

Students are permitted to use the text and their comparison chart as they write.  Before they begin I will discuss the following considerations to help get them going -

Do not focus all of your information on the differences in the plot of the story from the film to Scope’s written adaptation.  Think about all the other ways the Scope editors would have needed to change things, and what the film can do that they cannot.

With the written /scripted version:

  • Use of stage directions to relay descriptions of setting, characters and actions
  • Use of dialogue to move the story forward effectively so characters actions and the passage of time make sense

With film:

  • Use of lighting, sound, color, or camera focus (angles in a film give a specific/detailed, visual point of view)
  • How the elements of character and setting, are portrayed


*Note that I have attached two student examples.  One explains that the Scope version is good while the other opposes it.  The one in opposition does a nice job of using textual examples and focusing on a deeper analysis. The other while also well done does lack analytical detail and a little organization.  Most students were in opposition.  It was difficult to find a model for the other side of the concept.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Many of my students will write to the very last second, so I know better than to plan much of a wrap up for today.

To close out the day, I will ask that students do a little house keeping by stapling their comparison chart to their extended response, and be sure that their name is on the page.  They will leave this in the caddy for me to collect as they exit.