Movie vs. Dramatic Adaptation Part 4 & Reviews

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SWBAT analyze how two authors write about the same topic.

Big Idea

The reviews are in..

Warm Up

25 minutes

Class begins today in a very different way.  We are jumping right into the conclusion of the film.  My students are VERY excited and begged to skip the formalities. I, of course, caved.

The understanding is that they come in and get prepared ASAP with comparison chart out and ready.


25 minutes

For today's lesson students will need to access our class Edmodo page on their laptops.  There they will find two reviews of the movie The Book Thief which they just finished and have their own opinions about. One is from the New York Times and the other is from The Book Thief Huffington Post.

We will read these together and discuss how the authors, while writing about the same topic, present their information differently.

The New York Times piece in particular is a great discussion piece.  See my video for more information.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I will ask students to respond to the following:

What are your thoughts in response to the reviews you read?

Do you agree or disagree? Explain your thinking/opinion with examples from the reviews (on their Edmodo page) to support your points.

This is to prepare students for tomorrow's task.