Movie vs. Dramatic Adaptation - Part 3

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SWBAT compare and contrast the film version of The Book Thief and Scholastic Scope's dramatic adaptation of the same film.

Big Idea

Yea, their both round, but it's clear, we're talking about apples and oranges here.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is Trailer Tuesday, so I will show students a book trailer or two depending on length. I select trailers for new release books and great books that students aren't picking up. (The link provided will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining more about my use of book trailers.)

There are several sites online for locating book trailers.  A quick search on you tube will locate several. Of course, always preview the trailer before showing a class.

Note - As we are viewing a movie adapted from a book many of my students have read.  Today's trailers will focus on books that have been adapted for the "big screen". Divergent (big topic right now), Hunger Games and The Lightning Thief are perfect!

Independent Work

40 minutes

Students will take out their comparison chart, and I will briefly remind them of the task again -responding to any questions or concerns, and discuss adding a why column (see video)

Then, we will begin the film.  As they view students will follow directions on the handout to record similarities and differences between the two versions.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

During wrap up students will have a few moments to collect their thoughts so they can finish any notes on their handout before leaving for the day.

As students finish the movie there will be a lot to get down not the page.