Movie vs. Dramatic Adaptation - Part 2

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SWBAT compare and contrast the film version of The Book Thief and Scholastic Scope's dramatic adaptation of the same film.

Big Idea

Do not judge, compare and contrast.

Warm Up/Independent Work - Pen Pal

30 minutes

Model Monday/Pen Pal Project Week 5 of 6

For the first 30 minutes of class students will login to their Pen Pal accounts and respond to both the Pen Pal and this weeks topic.

First, they will respond to their Pen Pal since they will be discussing last weeks topic.  Then, we will view the video for this weeks topic together and briefly discuss "model" responses before they dive into the questions for the week.  To demonstrate "models", I chose a student or two based on their work from the previous week and ask them to share their work on the SMART board.  I also have SMART sync software that allows me to broadcast individual student screens to all other student computers.  Of course, if you do not have access there are always ways around it. For example, you could print and copy student models to distribute to students for discussion.

Any questions not completed and submitted in class are homework.  Students have until the end of the week to submit. This allows those without internet access at home to stay after school and utilize the school labs during Extended School Services.

Independent Work

30 minutes

Students will take their comparison chart out, and I will briefly remind them of the task mentioning a concern from what I saw yesterday. As demonstrated in my video, yesterday students were focusing almost entirely on plot.  I want them to go deeper -asking why this character or that part of the story was altered- and to consider more of what is possible with each medium. 

Then, we will begin the film.  As they view, students will follow directions on the handout to record similarities and differences between the two versions.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

During wrap up students will have a few moments to collect their thoughts so they can finish any notes on their handout before leaving for the day.