The Book Thief Dramatic Adaptation Quiz

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SWBAT use textual evidence from the text to accurately respond to questions.

Big Idea

Can you gather evidence from the "scene"?

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today's opener is a little more involved than normal.  I want to review the Exploring Theme handout from class yesterday. We already reviewed the first row of information yesterday, so we'll move on from there with the chart on the screen -writing in sample responses as we discuss. 

This is a very base review of the accurate and varied ways to answer the questions.  I will not get too deep with the information as I want to reserve time for them to do that in the short answer questions on their quiz.  But we will get to the heart of the task which is the final question about the theme of the piece.  


30 minutes

Students will complete the attached multiple choice/ short answer quiz.  Note that I replace Scholastic Scope's number 9 and 10 with my short answer questions that I crafted based on some Scope material and the needs of my students. 

Wrap Up

15 minutes

The wrap up for today involves the viewing of the wonderful video below.


Then students will respond in their journal to the following:

According to Max in the dramatic adaptation of The Book Thief, "words are life".  According to The Lady in Number Six, Alice Herz-Sommer, music is life. Both situations involve a very dark time in the world. While none of us haven encountered anything close to the Holocaust and World War II, we all have struggles.

What one thing represents life to you?  Do you agree with these inspiring people and choose words or music or as we discussed earlier this week, have your own "refuge" from the world?