Menu Madness

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SWBAT: read and comprehend menus as way to learn to read short text carefully.

Big Idea

In my Response to Intervention class, students read menus and answer comprehension questions. I should have brought some food...


30 minutes

I'm the master of reading menus, mainly because I love to eat! I really do have a gift for quickly reading a menu and determining the best dish quickly and efficiently...just ask my husband, for whom I order often!

I digress...I thought my students should have the same menu advantage I do, so I created this lesson for my struggling readers.  I want my students to learn how to skim and scan a text and look for the most important information.

First, I gave them the Mexican Meal sheet, just to see where they a kind of assessment. Here's what that looked like:


So, then we played with our Practical Practice reading cards, using the menu portion. I gave three different menus: Petes PizzaBurgerama, and Pasketti Palace. I assigned one of my students as the "host" or "judge" and slip the class into two teams (I have a total of 8 kids in my RTI class, so it's usually 4 against 4). I gave the "host" the Pasketti Palace QuestionsBurgerama Questions, and the Pete's Pizza Questions. He asked, as the teams struggled to answer.

I wish I had a buzzer system, but hand-slapping-on-the-table seemed to work okay, too!