Review Figurative Language from The Kite Runner in a 1:1 Chromebook Setting

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SWBAT identify key quotations and examples of figurative language from The Kite Runner and explain them in writing.

Big Idea

We will be writing and collaborating in order to review roughly 200 pages for our book test, part 2!


5 minutes

Collaborative Study Notes

In this section, I will explain to the students that they will be reviewing the actions and motives of the characters (RL.9-10.3), the theme of dehumanization (RL.9-10.2) as well as examples of figurative language (RL.9-10.4) from the chapters of the The Kite Runner that we have read so far, and they will be reporting these examples on a Part II of Book--StudyGuide by doing short, explanatory writing (W.9-10.10 and W.9-10.9)


1:1 Setting

Since the class operates in a 1:1 Google Chromebook setting, all of the students will be contributing at the same time to our collaborative notes page (W.9-10.6).  This is really exciting because a typical discussion can feature the input of only one student at a time, while in this format of informal writing (W.9-10.10), the students can help each other in pairs to make sure that they re adding accurate, informative information.  


I will tell the students

1.) Make sure to have your entry into the notes page verified by me for accuracy before adding a second entry.

2.) The test tomorrow will cover nearly the same material as you have identified on the study guide.  Use the study guide to study by reading it to your brother/sister/cat or by looking it over in study hall.  


Paired Research and Contributions

15 minutes

Students will work in pairs to add to the Google doc that we are using to house each of their contributions.  This exercise only works because each pair has their own line/box in which to enter their information (otherwise it is a problem, with students typing over each other, etc.).

This should go well, and I expect, based on past exit slips and quizzes, that they should have a strong command of the material and enter it accurately. 

Discussion and Review

20 minutes

After the students have all finished entering their information on the PartIIofBook--StudyGuide, I will ask them to explain what they have written and quickly scroll through the document.  I will ask connecting questions from the comments that they have made to other events in the book that relate to theme (RL.9-10.2), character (RL.9-10.3) and figurative language (RL.9-10.4). 

I expect that the students will be able to make these comments well since they will have come to this discussion prepared (SL.9-10.1a) and that my questions will facilitate their connections across examples.